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4th of Ohio



Visiting rural Ohio during the Fourth of July in 2016, the filmmakers turned an observational lens onto the people of Morrow County. Documenting a 95-year-old native, his multi-generational and multi-racial family and public celebrations of the national holiday, they created a short ethnography in cinéma vérité style.




Local Sightings Film Festival - Seattle, WA - Sept 22nd 2018
Auckland Film Festival - 
Auckland, New Zealand - June 2nd-3rd 2018
BECHDEL FILM FESTIVAL - Houston, Texas - Feb 15th-27th 2018
44th Northwest Filmmakers' Festival - Portland, OR, USA - November 1st-5th 2017
Endless Mountains Film Festival - Wellsboro, PA, USA - Sept 16th 2017
RED CORNER FILM FESTIVAL -  Borgholm, Sweden - August 27th 2017